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3 A common mistake when Dating - Should be avoided - Helpful Advice For You. Print E-mail
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Dating sometimes does not always run smoothly as we wish. Sometimes things happen that cause the relationship to get a chance sometimes slip before you actually have a chance. Unfortunately, there are times when errors occur errors caused by accident to do something something that encourages people to go away because the loss of empathy. Once you realize the mistake that most women date, you should avoid and ensure that from now on you do not make mistakes that may impact upon the material to the relationship further.
Save My Marriage - Communication Breakdown Print E-mail
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Communication Breakdown

It happens to the best of us. Communication is such a fickle thing, and the lines of communication can become blurred every so often, especially when feelings are involved. Even those who think that they are immune to the confusion of conflict can find themselves drawn into a communication breakdown when they least expect it, and chaos ensues.

What Your Husband Wishes You Knew About Him...But Doesn't Know How To Tell You! Print E-mail
National Relationship Expert Shows Wives These Powerful Strategies That Will Make Your Marriage Sizzle -- and Cause Your Husband To Feel Like He Wants To Marry All Over Again
by Bob Grant, L.P.C., "The Relationship Doctor"
Can squeezing a “stress ball” permanently lower your blood pressure? Print E-mail
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Interestingly, there are actually a number of clinical studies that show that those squishy “stress balls” aren’t just good for stress – they can also help you permanently lower your blood pressure.

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